Robbie Hyman, experienced copywriter and content-marketing writer. Great at turning techno-speak into compelling prose for the layperson, getting big-company press on no budget… and rewriting history.

Never heard of you.

That’s because I write quietly behind the scenes and leave the glory to my clients.

I’ve written thousands of pages of marketing materials for businesses of all types. Dozens of results-producing white papers, case studies, video scripts and other materials for startups and billion-dollar firms. More than 50 published bylined articles for senior executives. And lots of short sentences like this to build dramatic effect.

That it?

Nope. I’m also a contributing author for the Washington publication FedSmith, and I am a partner with the training firm Professional Business Services, which delivers professional-skills seminars to Fortune 500 firms. I have written courses and workbooks on communication skills and other topics, which my partners have delivered to firms such as ADP, Comerica Bank and Steel Dynamics.


Oh, oh — and my public relations work has led directly to thousands of column inches of press: in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, The Huffington Post, Electronic News, Electronic Business, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Week, CNN.com, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Advertising Age. Plus TV coverage on NBC and CBS News in Los Angeles, ABC and CBS in Las Vegas, and on the BBC.

You sound pretty busy. Why write this Words Matter blog?

I write. A lot. Been doing it professionally for 15 years. Still learning, in fact. Speaking of which….

One thing I’ve learned about becoming a better writer: it’s a learning process. A never-ending learning process.

So this blog is where I jot down what I’ve learned, and continue to learn, about writing, speaking, presenting, marketing. How to do all of these things better. More persuasively. With less stress.

Which reminds me, if you’d like to peruse some more of my communication-skills tips, please read my free ebook, Become a Great Communicator.

I hope you find it useful.

-Robbie Hyman